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App is the frontend of the application. It is a single page application that uses React and Redux.



  1. Hamburger menu: you can collapse or expand the menu.
  2. Logo: if you go hover with the mouse, you can see the version of the application.
  3. search bar: search for resources in all the application.
  4. notifications bell: if you click on it you can show/hide the notification bar.
  5. navigation menu: you can navigate through the application.
  6. theme icon: you can change the theme of the application (dark or light).
  • Dashboard: it shows the main information of the application. In the top you have a summary of number of templates, deployments, users and endpoints. In the bottom you have a wizard to create a new deployment.
  • Deployments: it shows the list of deployments. You can create a new deployment, view or delete an existing one.
  • Templates: it shows the list of templates. You can view and use or delete an existing one.
  • Packages: it shows the list of packages. You can add, view, update or delete an existing one.
  • Register: here you can add a template.
  • Settings: in this section you can view your login information, endpoints, secrets, components and you can logout from krateo.