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Git Service

This service is used to get files from a git repository.

We can manage this types of git repository:

  • github (public and private)
  • bitbucket (on-premise)

Independently of the git service, this service needs an endpoint to get the files.


GET /:deploymentId

  • deploymentId: is the id of the deployment


This path is getting info about the deployment with id b367d339-d848-446f-aee4-963a6e3cc0c1.



  "list": [
      "message": "cannot get object: \"firefire-fireworksapp\" is forbidden: User \"system:serviceaccount:crossplane-system:provider-kubernetes-a1a49ab74384\" cannot get resource \"applications\" in API group \"\" in the namespace \"krateo-system\"",
      "time": 1668005542,
      "level": "warning",
      "reason": "CannotObserveExternalResource",
      "source": "firefire-fireworksapp-argocd-app-object",
      "deploymentId": "b367d339-d848-446f-aee4-963a6e3cc0c1"
  "count": 1


Services respond with valid JSON, so, if the response is an array, it will be wrapped in the list property.

If the response contains the list proerty it will add the property count with the number of items in the list.


Usually is the event router to post data here, the payload (with some edits) will be routed to the notification service.


This is a sample event:

  "type": "Warning",
  "reason": "CannotCreateExternalResource",
  "deploymentId": "",
  "time": 1660835529,
  "message": "cannot create EKS node group: ResourceInUseException: Cluster: test-1 is not in a valid state",
  "source": "managed/nodegroup",
  "involvedObject": {
    "apiVersion": "",
    "kind": "NodeGroup",
    "name": "test-1-ng",
    "uid": "6365c158-8ee1-4d36-a33a-ba3cc0958ee0"
  "metadata": {
    "creationTimestamp": "2022-10-26T17:25:12+02:00",
    "name": "test-1-ng.170c791ccd13d0cd",
    "namespace": "default",
    "uid": "6aa0a50b-1b5b-46e0-b5ec-a1118286f0c4"


  "message": "ok"