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Keptn Service

This is a template for a Keptn service. You can find more info about Keptn services in the Keptn docs.


GET /project/:endpoint/:name

This route is used to get the project with the given name.

  • endpointName: the name of the endpoint
  • name: it the name of the project on Keptn



POST /trigger/:endpoint/:name


  "contenttype": "application/json",
  "type": "`sh.keptn.event.stage.sequence.triggered`",
  "source": "bridge",
  "data": {
    "project": "project",
    "stage": "stage",
    "service": "service"


{ "message": "Event triggered" }


Services respond with valid JSON, so, if the response is an array, it will be wrapped in the list property.

If the response contains the list proerty it will add the property count with the number of items in the list.