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This service serves as an active watcher of event resource in the kubernetes system, which takes those events and pushes them to a user specified HTTP hook (called Registration).

this service will POST to the specified endpoint a JSON containing the event info.

Here a sample event info:

    "message":"cannot create EKS node group: ResourceInUseException: Cluster: test-1 is not in a valid state",

How to install

$ helm repo add krateo
$ helm repo update krateo
$ helm install eventrouter krateo/eventrouter --namespace krateo-system --create-namespace

Configuring a Registration

To configure your hook in order to receive events info, create and apply a manifest with Registration resource:

cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
kind: Registration
  name: httpecho-registration
  # Your custom hook service name
  serviceName: HTTP Echo
  # Your custom hook service endpoint

In the above example the endpoint service at _ will receive the eventhandler data.