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Create Fireworks App

Create Deployment

  1. Login to Krateo
  2. Click on the left menu to Templates
  3. If you have completed the previous steps you should see the template Krateo Fireworks
  4. Click on the template card, and you will be redirect to the template form page
  5. This template has only 4 steps, but 3 of these are already fulfilled, but you can customize them if you want

  6. Step 1: the name of the deployment

  7. Step 2: how many replicas you want to set
  8. Step 3: how to expose application
  9. Step 4, here it's time to config the deployment deployment In this example we are going to publish the deployment to krateoplatformops organization.

  10. If the form is valid, click on the Publish button

  11. Now you have deployed your first application with Krateo! After a while navigate to the url you have set in the step 3, and you should see the fireworks application running. deployment-fireworks

Deployment Page

This deployment has 8 tabs:


Description and link to the repository you have created


Resource tree provided by ArgoCD deployment-resources


Here you will see the file of the repository you have created. The content? Is the lyrics of the song "Fireworks" by Katy Perry


The list of components deployed in the cluster: deployment-kubernetes If you click on any component in the right pane you will see the yaml file of the component.


This deployment trigger a pipeline (GitHub action) to build the docker image. deployment-pipelines


Here you will see the events related to the deployment.


It shows the deployment.yaml file of the deployment.


If you are ready to delete the deployment, you can do it from here.