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Krateo PlatformOps Roadmap

Over a series of releases, Krateo PlatformOps's maintainers intend to establish and settle into a predictable, but yet to be determined release cadence.


This roadmap is subject to change at any time, for the most up to date information, please see the GitHub Project

2.0.0 - Q1 2024

Status: In progress

Krateo Composable Operations

Composition redesignfeatureKrateo Composable Operations is leveraging Helm as a way to compose Kubernetes Operators manifest.

Krateo Composable Portal

Frontend redesignfeatureKrateo Composable Portal redesign to be fully extensible in a declarative way
Backend extensionfeatureAbility to integrate any backend without modifying source code of the Portal

Krateo Composable FinOps

FinOps DatamodelfeatureImplementation of FOCUS specification in Kubernetes
Azure FinOps ExporterfeaturePrometheus exporter to expose Billing metrics from
FinOps ScraperfeatureScraper that pushes metrics to FinOps datalake

Criteria for 2.0.0 Release

Maintainers will consider cutting a stable 2.0.0 release once:

  • Confident in API stability. (No further breaking changes anticipated.)
  • No critical, "show-stopping" bugs remaining in the backlog.
  • Observing evidence of successful community adoption (of beta releases) in production environments