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What is Krateo PlatformOps?

Krateo Platformops is an open source platform that gives users the capability to create any desired resource on basically any infrastructure they'd like. Be it a K8s cluster, microservice, application, pipeline, database or anything else, Krateo has got your back. The only requirement is for the resource to be descriptible via a YAML file representing the resource's desired state (rings a bell? 😉).

Krateo allows for:

  • Creating any kind of resources within and outside the Kubernetes cluster it runs on: whilst Krateo runs as a Deployment in a Kubernetes cluster, it can also create resources outside the cluster. You can use Krateo to create anything from new Kubernetes clusters, Logstash pipelines, Docker registries, API gateways, and many others.
  • Focusing on the management of services: Krateo frees the user from most of the burden of cluster management, giving them the ability to entirely focus on the services that must be run. This results a phenomenal user experience that drastically reduces wastes of time.
  • Single-handedly monitoring and controlling resources: Krateo also acts as a centralized control plane, letting users monitor anything ranging from CI/CD pipelines to pod statuses and open tickets on your JIRA. All the information you need is present on a single page -- you'll never have to guess the correct dashboard ever again.

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Architecture is based on these principles:

  • Any component of Krateo must be configured declaratively
  • The only APIs that implement business logic are those exposed by the Kubernetes api server
  • Any operation carried out via the portal must also be possible from the Kubernetes CLI (kubectl)
  • Authentication is completely delegated to the Kubernetes server API
  • Authorization is completely delegated to the Kubernetes RBAC
  • Krateo uses Kubernetes Custom Resources (and therefore the control plane etcd) as a database
  • Krateo does not use volumes



Next Steps

To learn more about Krateo PlatformOps, consider checking out our key concepts or get hands-on right away with our quickstart!